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My Story


Hello I’m Michaela


I had a professional corporate career worked extremely long hours, lived out of suitcases in hotels.

Social life was every night when you finally made it out of whichever client you were working for in whatever city you were in. Well none of us had homes to get back to and the bar in the hotel was 5 minutes from your bedroom, or there was a glass of wine waiting for you when you joined your colleagues in whatever venue they were in after work.

Relationships strained, under the pressure of being away from home Monday to Friday to only have the weekend to cram family, friends, partners and personal responsibilities into 48 tiny hours.

But I was independent and driven and it was a way of life and the rewards were good and most importantly, I had a life plan.

Over time my alcohol consumption surreptitiously increased and when my life plans were shattered, it increased further. I had crossed the divide from drinking responsibly to just drinking. This was only going in one direction and it was not a positive one.

It was time to take back control. I transformed my relationship with alcohol and found freedom, happiness and joy to be myself once again.

And the added benefits

  • Lost weight

  • Increased energy

  • Clearer skin

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Saved so much money !!!

  • Have more time

  • A wonderful sense of achievement

Who I Help



Collaborative process to meet you where you are at, understand your concerns, determine your ideal situation and close the gap between the two by:


  • Identifying and understanding the thoughts or beliefs that keep you drinking

  • Help shift the perspective, so you feel good about yourself and moving forward

  • Organically designing your own plan for creating your desired experiences and outcomes

  • Help you capitalise on this new strength to achieve fulfilment and full potential that impact other aspects of your life

Resilient, hard working professionals, who may have also lost a sense of identity to gain control over alcohol on your terms and with it rediscover everything you are

12 week 1:1 Remote Coaching

Weekly email follow up

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